Di's Creative Edge wants you to have your website up to date and exactly as you need it at all times.


We are happy to perform updates, maintenance & entire site re-designs.   It's easy as 1-2-3 to get your updates scheduled and completed.


Please fill out out our convenient Design Change Request Form.  We will send you a detailed quote. You may then quickly and securely pay for maintenance fees here to get your request queued and your updates processed faster.




STEP 1 - Fill out the Design Change Form   (Let us know what you are interested in changing)












 Click the button to fill out our Design Change Request Form

 Please be VERY specific with your change requests.


Please Note: ** All maintenance & updates must be prepaid before updates can be scheduled and completed.                                 


Send the DESIGN CHANGE FORM to us and we will estimate a block of time for you to prepay.

Any unused time paid for will be kept as a credit for future updates unless a refunded is specifically requested and approved.





STEP 2 - Send us Files   (Send us any necessary files needed for your updates- especially large files)




If you need to send us files for your updates please do so below, especially if they are LARGE files.  A password is needed below, it is:   sendfilesnow  



Send us files necessary to make changes to your website  (The Password is: sendfilesnow )

Powered by: SendThisFile




STEP3 - Prepay Design Fees   (Once we have sent you a quote you can prepay fees to get queued faster for your updates)




  Maintenance & update fees are: $40.00 hr or $20.00 per 30 min.  




Pay Deposit Fees Now

Deposit Fee

Pay Design Fees Now


30 Min Block 1 hr. block 2 hr. block



4 hr. block


8hr. block






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